Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 12
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Antonio Perez is an protagonist in The Despicable Me Show. He is the son of Eduardo Perez. Antonio is Beatrice Manderz's first known love interest.

He is Stupid. 


Antonio is a Hispanic boy with black hair and wears a black jacket and shoes. His shirt has the letter Z on it and he wears blue denim jeans curled up at the feet and black Macbeth sneakers. He also wears a scarf like Gru but only it's blue and has no stripes, and he wears it like a tie.  


Antonio dreams of playing video games for a living. he was so nice to Beatrice and Margo. He was hugged, kissed, smooched and lovable since he dated and Margo would marry him. 


Despicable Me 2

Margo meets Antonio at the cinco de mayo place. He wants to dance with Beatrice.

Despicable Me Show

Antonio first fall in love with a girl at the cinco de mayo place since Despicable Me 2 first make the movie. Antonio loves beatrice when she's in a good mood. that night, Antonio have sex with his girlfriend. then when his dad finds out that his sex with his girlfriend. he said: "that's good, very handsome." 

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