PLOT: In the late 2018, 10 year old Ashton Fan and his 3 minions Kevin, Stuart and Dave were lost in the Arctic Circle when they found a escape that just landed from the X6L-1137 super weapon. They were lucky to find one, so they went in it and it took them Westsquare Elementary school. Ashton wondered why it took them there? They later found out that under the Elementary school was a a abandoned part of their lab and Emily Dozana took all of his minions and made them Evil Purple Minions and they were mind controlled to be stable. Later in the film, Ashton is blasted with his own weapon by Emily and almost died. Luckily Kevin stuck a hot sword (A.K.A Heat Sword) through her chest. Emily: "You did a big mistake..". Before she died, she deactivated the mind control for the purple minions to go berserk. At the end, all the minions are safely back to Ashton's Laboratory safe and sound. Now the only enemy is Kayla...
Ashton and The Minions

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