Beatrice Manderz
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 12
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Beatrice Manderz is the daughter of Bob Manderz and Bonnie Manderz. and Antonio Perez"s boyfriend expects results of his father named Eduardo Perez.


Beatrice Manderz is a girl with black hair with a pink headband just like Bonnie Vertain. she has a pair of brown boots, and she has two earings she has orange and pink skirt with a tank-top. 


whenever she has an attitude, she has an attitude with her dad, her mom, and Antonio Perez. whenever she's talking to the teachers like that, they would write a letter to Beatrice Manderz. she like the chicago bears so much, whenever they say boo. 


The Despicable Me Show 

whenever she was ready, she believed that if Antonio Perez was in love. nobodys not wanting to play with her because everybody's too mean to her. in the last episode in season 1 of The Despicable Me Show, Antonio Perez shows her kissing skills and now the teachers are upset in The Despicable Me Show: Antonio And Beatrice.

File:Beatrice from despicable me clip

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