Bonnie Manderz
Bonnie manderz
Some attributes
First Daughter: Beatrice Manderz
Second Husband: Bob Manderz
Third Appearance: Despicable Me Show
Other attributes
Bonnie Manderz is the mother of Beatrice. She is also the husband of Bob Manderz since she got married. 


Bonnie manderz where's a skirt like Beatrice's but green. she where's black sneakers. 


Bonnie always grounds beatrice off the schedule. because she doesn't do his homework everyday, because she was more important then her dad. the way that she grounds her off the schedule is not to say any bad words. 


Despicable Me Show

when she was picked up by Beatrice, she was known not to follow beatrice. but now she did. so she became the accuser how on her mom. 

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