Clash of Minions is a series that is a parody to the famous game Clash of Clans, having minions as it's versions. The story plot is like playing a game.

It is created by Rocket Pizza Studios.


1.Barbarian Minion

2. Archer Minion

3. Goblin Minion

4. Giant Minion

5. Wall Breaker Minion

6. Balloon Minion

7.Wizard Minion

8.Healer Minion

9. Flying Blue Minions

10. Hog Riding Minions

11.Valkyrie Minions

12. Golem Minions

13. Witch Minions

14. Lavahound Minions


15. P.E.K.K.A Minions (Upgraded Barbarian).

17. Hawkeye Minion (Upgraded Archer)

18. Green Goblin Minion (Upgraded Goblin)

19. Hulk Minion (Upgraded Giant)

20. Dragon Minions (Upgraded Wizards)

21. Falcon Minion (Upgraded Flying Ones)

22. Scarlett Witch Minions (upgraded Witch)


Golem King

Valkyrie Queen

Hog Rider Prince

Healer Princess

Skeleton-Bomber Soldiers

-Wall Breaker Soldier

-Balloon Soldier

Lavahound Bodyguard

Information to be continued..

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