Definable Me is about a 11 year old boy named Ashton Fan. This is supposed to be a direct sequel to "Ashton and The Minions".


11 year old Ashton Fan is trying to save the world again against a new villain named Chris Parker. Chris was supposed to get a job at the N.A.L (No Antagonist League), though he stole 900,000 dollars from the N.A.L's bank in Oklahoma. Once Ashton finds out about Chris Parker, he sent Jerry, Bobert and Dave to sneek into his lair. Meanwhile in Chris's lair, he is working on a super weapon called "PH-A" its intent is to destroy the Sun from the Earth soon the end of the universe can start sooner. Jerry tumbled into the control room and started messing around with the controls. Bobert started hacking into the main laser's functions until Chris came in and threw him into a cell. Dave turned off all the security cameras, weapons, and alarms. 32 minutes later Ashton got a distress single from Jerry saying they were captured. Ashton made the ultimate suit called "The Kiryu Suit" that was a mini version for the Mechagodzilla he built years prior. Then he basically defined the laws of physics by some how making his arm extend with the suits arms. Then, he put his hand in a circle shape and a blue ball of atomic energy formed and he used all the energy in his suit to make a atomic ball the size of the moon then blasted Chris's lab AND house. After the battle, Chris was later found hiding under a table and later handed himself into to police. He was sentenced to death for making a super weapon to end the universe. After his death, the minions nick named their boss "Definable Ashton" which that's how the movie got its title.

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