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Gaetano is one of Gru's Minions.


He is a fat two-eyed minion that appeared in Despicable Me. He is a shifty minion with spiky hair and sometimes looks to be scheming something.


Gaetano is an odd minion that always seems to have a trick up his sleeve or is scheming something. He also has a short fuse.


Despicable Me

In his first appearance, Gaetano can be seen standing on the walkway in Gru's Lab with Lionel, about to knock a nail with a hammer and is counting "Nah, Dul-" (1, 2-), when Gru has his minions assemble for his announcement.

A few seconds later, Gaetano replies "Ok, ok" and runs away. Lionel has no reaction but sighs. Shortly afterwards, Gaetano rushes back, said "Throo!" (3!) and hit Lionel with the hammer, which makes Lionel screams in pain loudly.

Later, Gaetano is in the front row, next to the stage and starts yelling at the Minion next to him.


  • Gaetano is one of the 1st minions that can be first seen in the film.

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