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Harold von Sweetzrochin
Harold in a soldier suit
Gender Male


Harold von Sweetzrochin is a secondary antagonist in The Mutants. He is Mr Klagoer's right-hand man, and the vice leader of The Mutation Men.

Early Life

Born to German immigrants in the tough suburbs of Manhattan, Harold learned real quick not being tough would have you dead. When he was 7, his mother was shot dead by stray gunfire from a gang battle. When he was 18, he shot his dead to death with a 12 gauge shotgun. At age 20, after receiving the death penalty for killing his father two years prior, he escaped prison, and flew to Los Angeles, where he became a hitman. After getting a call from Mr. Klagoer to kill a woman he made pregnant, Mr. Klagoer was so impressed by his toughness and mental ability to stab her mercilessly, he asked him to join The Mutation Men.

Present Day

After working his way through the ranks, he currently is Mr. Klagoer's right hand man. He trains new members and leads in all high combat missions.


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