PLEASE NOTE BEFORE READING THIS: I know this is a REAL character in Despicable Me, but, I used my imagination and creativity to modify Kevin, and put in him in my own story.

After Scarlet Overkill, the minions escaped England. And they were headed to America. There they went to house to house but no one wanted the Minions, but then one day on March 2nd, 1986, they went into one neighborhood called "Pinemont Forest". They went to a brick house and found a guy that wanted them. They helped around the house, then on March 20, 1986, they started construction on a secret laboratory underground. Then on March 20, 2006, a baby boy was born called Ashton. His parents made Ashton their new boss. And Kevin was granted a level 5 high ranking minion and now he was Ashton's companion. Then for 11 years they went on adventures and made crazy inventions.

Kevin is also in a movie. Called Ashton and The Minions

[1]Ashton and The Minions

Fact: Kevin's Age is 13! Minion years is equivalent to Human Years. But really he and all of the minions are 4 billion years old.

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