Kira Reisen (Japanese: 家賃鈴仙 Yachin Reisen) is the one of the Miracles of Minions' Adventure. She was formerly an antagonist villian. Her alter ego is Miracle Bat (Japanese: ミラクルバット Mirakuru Batto)

Kira Reisen
Kira normal
Eye color Black
Hair color Black
Occupation Miracle Spirit
Voiced by Inoue Marina (Japanese)
Rachael Lillis (English)


As a regular minion

Kira's appearance looks gothic. She wears a black dress that has a skull with bat wings on it, she has two ponytail hair which tied with blue buns. 

As a Miracle Spirit

Kira's Miracle Spirit form wears a black dress with a bat amulet and large grey ribbon on it. her hair is now in ponytail hairstyle instead of two. She has still had a blue bun tied on her hair. She wears white stockings with black shoes. As well, she gains bat wings from her arms.


Normal Minion

Miracle Bat

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