Minion Wars Is A 2013 Video Game Based On Despicable Me 2. The Game Focuses On A Secret War Between The Minions And Evil Minions


  • Fart Gun
  • Fart Launcher (Rocket Launcher)
  • Banana (Grenade)
  • Jelly Gun
  • SR-6
  • Freeze Ray
  • Piranha Gun (Evil Minions And Vector Only)
  • Evil Minion Grenades (Evil Minions Only)
  • Non-Edible Banana Gun (Evil Minions Only)
  • Big Blaster Cannon (For Both Sides And Gru)
  • Flame Thrower (Evil Minions Only)
  • Lazer Gun (For Both Sides)
  • Watch Epoxy Shooter (Lucy Only)
  • Super Rage (El Macho Only)
  • Punch (Evil Minions An El Mach)
  • Balloon Sword (Minions And Antonio Perez Only)
  • Flamethrower (For Both Sides)
  • Squid Launcher (Evil Minions Only)
  • Cookie Robots (Gru Only)
  • Shrink Ray


The Game Is Played Similarly To Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare


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