Minions' Adventure: Battle Showdown! (Styled as Minions' Adventure: -BATTLE SHOWDOWN!-) (Japanese: ミニオンの冒険:バトル対決! Minion no bōken: Batoru Taiketsu!) is a fighting game. It is released on January 12, 2015.



(Note: Bold means unlockable)

  1. Samantha Mikami
  2. Akira Matsumoto
  3. Ayame Matsumoto
  4. Kira Reisen
  5. Kaede Amaterasu
  6. Rina Reisen
  7. Rainbow (Human Form)


(Characters that are unplayable, most of them appeared only in cutscenes)

  1. Rainbow (Normal Form)
  2. Kyuketsuki Nisshoku
  3. Aki Tanaka
  4. Chifumu Mikami/Miracle Rabbit


(Characters that appear in boss fights)

  1. Berekoia
  2. Rina Reisen (Evil Minion Form)
  3. Aki Tanaka (Evil Minion Form, unplayable)

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