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Mr. Klagoer
Mr klagoer
Gender Male


Hair color Blonde


  • Gru
  • Minions

Stephen Raul Marxe aka MrKlagoer is the main antagonist in The Mutants. He is responsible for the mutations of PhilJerry, KevinNick, and Ken.

Early Life

Mr. Klagoer was born in Berlin, Germany. At age 12, he moved from Berlin to Los Angeles, California. He was severely bullied , and after graduating college, he found all those that bullied him, and he mutated them into horrible, disgusting, creatures. He has murdered several people, and then mutated countless others.

Present Day

Mr. Klagoer has a gang of german wrestlers and former soldiers, known as The Mutation Men. Mr. Klagoer also has multiple helicopters and jets, plus 5 armored cars, and a concrete mansion/fortress, with an 8 car garage (Or 2 light tanks). He begins mutating minions because he wants to ruin Gru's cooperation, and get rid of all the Minions.


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