Rina Reisen
Eye color Black
Hair color Lavender
Occupation Ruler of her Ghost Castle she created (formerly)
Appearances Minions' Adventure: The Movie
Voiced by Tomatsu Haruka (Japanese)
Elizabeth Banks (English)
Rina Reisen (Japanese: 冷戦リーナ Reisen Rīna) was Kira's long-lost older sister. She is the main antagonist of Minions' Adventure: The Movie.


As an Evil Minion, Rina's purple skin and face is not seen due to her robotic armor and helmet. As a Normal Minion, It is revealed she has lavender hair with a bat hair clip, dark red shirt and white skirt. She is often wearing an expressionless face.

As Miracle Wolf, her appearance is not yet revealed...


  • As an Evil Minion, it's unknown why she speaks in a monotone/robotic voice. But her helmet may have a small microphone in it.

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