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After a week in Spain, Gru returns to his lab. He sees nothing is wrong, but something really is wrong...

Gru: "Hey, Stephen! How's it going my favorite assistant?"

Stephen: "It's going good Gru. So far we're doing great business wise, and we're doing great, right guys? [Two minions shake their head in approval nervously]

Gru: [Slightly suspicious tone] "Right. Are you sure?"

Stephen: "I suppose a stuffed-filled pizza would be nice. Ken, can you call the pizza place?"

Ken: "Bee-do!"

Gru takes his elevator up to the house where he is met by Lucy.

Lucy: "How's everything honey? You seem worried about something."

Gru: "Well... Have you got the feeling that Stephen guy isn't exactly....uhhh how do I say this? Not creepy?"

Lucy: "Honestly, I thought he looked awfully geeky." [Giggles]

Gru: "I don't know. It just seems to me he freaks out the Minions. They seem shaky anytime he asks them something, or if you mention his name."

Lucy: "That doesn't seem like something they'd do."

Gru: "I know. I just don't know how to prove he's not who he seems."

Around midnight, a big black SUV pulls up in Gru's driveway. Two men, both wearing ski masks creep up to the house, both armed with M4 Rifles. They creep around the backside of the house, and crawl into the house through a window.

Masked Intruder 1: "It has to be here somewhere."

Masked Intruder 2: "It must be in the living room."

Creeping through his living room, they find what they're looking for.

Masked Intruder 2: "This is it. Let's get moving. Boss will be pleased with our work."