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It is early morning. Gru is still asleep when Edith comes running in his bedroom…

Edith: "Dad, we missed the bus! Ken never got us up!"

Gru: "Wait, what?!? What time is it?"

Edith: "It's 7:30. You'll have to drive us to school."

Gru: *Moans* "Lucy, can't you..."

Gru and Edith realize Lucy isn't in bed.

Edith: [Panicked] "Where is mom?"

Gru: "I'm not sure where your mother is."

Scrambling through the house, the 2 search through the house. Edith smells something very strange.

Edith: "Eww! What is that?"

She smells the odor coming from their walk-in closet.

Edith: "It must be Gru's smelly old tennis shoes."

But it's something much worse than Gru's smelly old tennis shoes...

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