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After Gru gets the rest of the girls ready, he starts his car up, and sees a suspicious looking black SUV parked across the street from him. He pretends not to notice it, and pulls out of the driveway.

Man in Car 1: "Do you think he noticed us?"

Woman in Car: "I doubt it. He definitely saw our car, but I don't think he saw us in here."

Man in Car 1: "Abelard, do you think anyone else is in the house?"

Abelard: "He has a wife, AVL agent Lucy Wilde. I don't see her car here."

Man in Car 1: "It could be in the garage."

Man in Car 2: [Pulling out a 44 magnum and pocketing a large 10 inch knife] "If our little AVL agent is in there, she won't be able to handle a 44 magnum bullet ripping through her skull. Abelard, get your M-16. We're going in."

The two cautiously get out of the car and make sure nobody is around outside. Seeing nobody is around, they kick the door down and search through the house. They don't realize there is a minion in the living room vacuuming the floor. When they walk in, Abelard sees the minion who's unaware the two have entered the room.

Abelard: [Pulling out his knife] "Hey you!"

The minion screams and tries to run to the underground layer. He doesn't even make two steps as the man armed with the 44 magnum throws his knife at the minion. The minion is hit in the back, and crumples to the ground. He shoots the minion right in the back of the head.

Abelard: "What do we do with him Harold?"

Harold: "Give me a trash bag, we'll put him in the neighbors trash can."

The two in less than a minute have the minion bagged up and put in the neighbors trash can. The two crawl through an opened window into the girls' room.

Harold: "This room sickens me. Let's keep moving."

The two clear the entire premises. Abelard goes to the front door and signals for the other two to get into the house. But suddenly, they see Gru pulling up to the house. Abelard gets Harold and they hide in the shoe closet.

Gru: [Thinking to himself] "That car is still there."

Gru notices the door has been kicked down. Pulling out his Freeze Ray, he cautiously creeps up to the house. He here's movements in the living room. He tip-toes in there and when he does, he sees Stephen sitting on the couch watching TV.

Stephen: "Hello Mr. Gru."

Gru: "What happened..."[groans and falls to the floor.]

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