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Gru slowly opens his eyes. He feels like his insides have been fried.

Stephen: "Hello Mr. Gru"

Gru: "Woah uhh, where am...I"

Stephen: "[Laughs] You can't tell this is your lair? How have you managed this business. Oh wait, you haven't."

Gru: Why am I tied to this chair?"

Stephen: "Why are you so clueless?"

Gru: "I..."

Stephen: [Cutting off Gru] "Let me explain it to you Felonius. Firstly, Adam, bring me the Minions."

Adam: "Yes sir."

Gru: "Who is that..."

Stephen: "[Cutting him off] That is Adam. And the nice gentleman behind you is Harold von Sweetzrochin."

Gru: "Why are..."

Stephen: "Will you shut up?"

Gru: "I gue..."

Stephen: "SHUT UP!

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