Fatal, EDI, Kadafi, Kastro, Napolean and Makaveli

The Outlawz is found in 1996 where Tupac Shakur and Yaki Kadafi died. 3 of them are dead Hussein Fatal, Yaki Kadafi, and Tupac Shakur. They have absolutely nothing to do with Despicable me.


  • Makaveli (Tupac Shakur)
  • Yaki Kadafi (Yafeu Fula) 
  • Kastro (Katari Cox)
  • EDI Mean (Malcolm Greenridge)
  • Hussein Fatal (Bruce Washington)
  • Napolean (Mutah Beale)
  • Moozaliny (Tyruss Himes)
  • Komani (Mopreme Shakur)
  • Storm (Donna Harkness)
  • Young Noble (Rufus Cooper III)
  • Justin Fishskark (Justin Jackson)
  • King Julian Diehard (Julian Fisherman)
  • George Washington (George Johnson)
  • Undo Kyle (Kyle Jackson)
  • Ben Dicer (Benjamin Franklin)
  • Jump the Hoop (Julian Fredrickson)
  • Julian Humpjack (Julian K. Jackson)
  • 3000 Dustins (Dustin Johnson)
  • Zack the Mack (Zack Meanson)
  • Vay Jack (Jack Christopher)
  • Mindless Ed (Edwards Benjamin)
  • Try KRS (Hussein Bartson)
  • Jack Juicy (Jack Muntz)
  • Julian Jackson (Julian Jackson II)
  • Kill You (Kyle McFadden)
  • Kyle Kickass (Calvin Courtney)
  • Kade Blade (Julian George)
  • Jack Fishavel (Jack Charles)
  • King Fishless (Kyle Black-Hood)
  • Kyle Sitting (Kyle Bronson)
  • American Fred (Fred Northwest)
  • National Jul (Julian Kendrick)

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