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Sweet Pea








Thunder boomed in the sky as Creamsicle watched the lighting streak across the sky. She poked her head from the inside of her torn up soaked box. She quickly stuffed her body back in. That was how life was for the dog. Ever since she was a puppy, she had been homeless. She remembered when she was tossed out by her old owners and ran the streets of New York. Using the baby doll eyes on humans to earn what little scraps of food she got. Running from the pound. And even refusing to join the flushed pets. She had a father, still does. Her father had joined them and became their leader. And he fell in love with some other dog, Goddess was her name. Every time she thought about her father, she thought about Goddess. And she even thought about her Half sisters and brother-Lulu, Vixie, and Teal. She didn't really mind Her younger siblings, but what her father did was heartbreaking. She asked him about her mother, an answer was not heard.

Creamsicle looked up.The rain had died down just a bit, and the thunder had calmed. The dog crawled out of her box and started down the road. "At least the rain stopped," she sighed and continued down the road.

A car soon stopped. Creamsicle froze into place.

It doesn't look like the car from the pound, she thought.

"Mom! Mom!" A cheerful voice form the family sized van shouted.

The door to the side of the van opened and revealed a girl about the age of twelve. Creamsicle cocked her head, unaware of this child's sudden ecstatic behavior. The girl wrapped her arms around Cream's neck, her collar feeling tighter. "Can we keep her? We can take her to the vet and groom her and feed her and stuff!"

Her mother sat back in the car and thought about it. "Alright," she said. Her mother bent down and patted the dogs head. She checked her tag. Creamsicle, It read. There was no contact information or adress.. Her mother explained to the girl how if nobody came for the dog, then they would be able to keep her. But of someone claimed the dog to be theirs, then they would give her up. So Creamsicle went to the vet. She got a checkup, shots, and some other treatment. They went to the pet store and bought her some food, a bed, and a brand new leash. She sat in the car, staring out the window, wondering where she was being taken.

As they approached the apartment door, Sonya, flung herself on the couch while Creamsicle just sat there in front of the door. Sonya patted the seat on the couch. Creamsicle trotted over toward the couch and sat on the cushion next to Sonya. They sat there until Sonya's mother shouted for her to go to bed. While Sonya was in the bathroom, taking a shower, Cream was in the sink, being scrubbed by her father. They had that minty scented dog shampoo that always makes a dogs skin relax and tingle.

After her relaxing bath, Sonya invited Creamsicle to crash in her bed. Creamsicle snuggled under the covers next to Sonya.

The next morning...

Sonya went off to school, and her mother left for work.

Creamsicle was relaxing on the couch. She breathed in a deep breath and smiled to herself. "Sonya and her mom are pretty nice," Creamsicle said as she pawed the red pillow on the couch next to her. A tiny bird slammed itself into the window, startling the dog. As the bird peeled itself off the window, Creamsicle giggled and walked through the patio door, which Sonya's mother had left open for fresh air to flow through the window. She peeked down to look at all the busy cars and people on the streets. Creamusicale heard cheers next door. Curious, she pressed her ears onto the wall until a tiny little guinea pig popped through the vent.

"Uhm... Who are you little guy?" Creamsicle said.

"You must be the new pet!" The Guinea pig stated. "There's a party next door, and your welcom to join if you'd like! Meet some new friends, chug from the toilet bowl, and have some fun!" He said, slipping out before Cream could question him.

Creamsicle slipped out of the huge vent that lead to the apartment next door, wanting to hear what the commotion was about. Everyone was doing their own thing, having a great time friends. Creamsicle wondered what it would be like to how friends like these.

in the living room, a group of cats were playing Wii sports on the television. The kitchen, a few mice were swimming in a large bowl of punch.

In the dining room, a Snow White bunny sat on a large fruit bowl, chatting with what Creamsicle believed to be a Jack Russle Terrier. Creamsicle examined and explored the apartment before she bumped into a brown an toffee dog. Creamsicle instantly blushed.

"S-Sorry!" they both said in union.

"Sorry, I wasn't really paying attention. The name's dusk, what's yours?"


"That's a funny name."

"Hey!"And for the rest of the party, Creamsicle tried to avoid the dog named Dusk.

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