The Talking Minion is the quintagonist of Cloudy with a Chance of Despicable Me. He is voiced by Damien Tran.
Talking Minion

The Minion


After "all those years",Gru created the first ever Talking Minion to take down Flint Lockwood,but the minion says that his sister-in-law is Flint's partner,"Sam Sparks of Swallow Falls".

Team-Up with the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs characters

He,Gru,and Lucy teamed up with the Cloudy characters to take down the robots.


After The Minion and Gru mourn for Sam's icy death,An unknown voice appeared and speaks to Gru and the minion that not only the 2 can thaw her, It must be Flint and Lucy. After Gru,Lucy,Flint,and the minion mourn, the gust of wind appeared,thawing Sam in the process. After Sam thawed,Gru has to come with the name of the minion. What Sam suggested,Gru names the Minion,Samuel Sparks.


The Minion is similar to The Genie from the 1992 film, Aladdin

  • Both saying that the years can give someone such a crick in the neck. Genie with 10,000 years and the Minion with "all those years"
  • Both tell things funny. Genie with hilarious things and the Minion with things related to Sam and Minions
  • Both can change forms. Genie with all of them the minion can change forms only related to the characters of Cloudy and Minions
  • Both are summoned. The Genie from the lamp and the minion with the Minionrayizer

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