Hey guys, I have an idea of the film of Minions' Adventure. As well, it was the continued part at the final episode of Minions' Adventure. As I got an idea that the end of Minions' Adventure final episode that the new villain, Rina Reisen (who is Kira's older sister) appears as the main antagonist as Majo, Shira and Yorokobi are now deceased by the Miracle Spirits' Angel Powers and turn into Spirit Fairies (It's in my idea which it is a type of fairy who has died (possibly a non-fairy) and turned into a spiritual fairy). And I have something in my mind that the Miracle Spirits turn back into their normal forms but they saw Rainbow being captured by Rina until she flies away at the end.

Like the idea? I still can't know the title of Minions' Adventure film.

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