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  • Super Revenger 98

    Bello! I'm Super Revenger 98 but you may just call me Darwin. I am the head admin of this wiki and the one who addpted this wiki last September alongside my co-head admin SJenson. This is a wiki for you Despicable Me Fans. You can create any fan-fictions related to Despicable Me or Minions. Me, SJenson, DonyarktheKungFuMinion and Dragonknight86 made this the fanon wiki for Despicable Me Wiki.Now, we have additional admins and rollbacks. Anyways, I'm now gonna introduce to you our leadership

    • Super Revenger 98 (Head admin)
    • SJenson
    • Dragonknight86
    • Damienangrybirds
    • DonyarktheKungFuMinion
    • Samanthatheflyingsquirrel25

    • Obi Wan Minobi
    • The Wiggles
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  • Super Revenger 98

    Bello! I'm here to tell ya that I'll be taking a break on writing the show that I created "Teenage Mutant Ninja Minions" due to my hard school days and busy on something. Thank you for your attention, so POOPAYE now!!!

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