• Xia Shangzhou

    Hi Minionpedia

    February 23, 2016 by Xia Shangzhou

    (Notice: I have been promoted to the bureaucrat since March 5th, 2016.)

    Hi everyone, I just gave my adoption requests of Minionpedia a few days ago.

    Since I visited Minionpedia a few months ago, it took me a few time to notice that Minionpedia is a fanon wiki. Before being aware of this, I can't find Minions' Adventure when googleing about it, and I wonder why there are female and unheard minions......until I read Don's (DonyarktheKungFuMinion) blog, which indicates that Minionpedia is allowed to add any fan-fiction articles.

    This makes me understand like sometimes the name can be misleading. I mean, if Minionpedia just introduces minions from real Despicable Me series, that would be great, since many people can't tell difference of minions b…

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