(Notice: I have been promoted to the bureaucrat since March 5th, 2016.)

Hi everyone, I just gave my adoption requests of Minionpedia a few days ago.

Since I visited Minionpedia a few months ago, it took me a few time to notice that Minionpedia is a fanon wiki. Before being aware of this, I can't find Minions' Adventure when googleing about it, and I wonder why there are female and unheard minions......until I read Don's (DonyarktheKungFuMinion) blog, which indicates that Minionpedia is allowed to add any fan-fiction articles.

This makes me understand like sometimes the name can be misleading. I mean, if Minionpedia just introduces minions from real Despicable Me series, that would be great, since many people can't tell difference of minions by names and appearances; besides, it would be easier to find profiles of notable minions from it instead of Despicable Me wiki, isn't it?

Anyway, if Wikia staffs approves me to be a bureaucrat or at least an admin, I will send a request to rename this wiki, such as "Despicable Me Fanon wiki" or "Minion Fanon wiki" or etc. You may ask, where are bureaucrats and admins?

Sadly, though there used to be 8 admins who managed Minionpedia, but 4 of them are blocked - most ridiculously, three of them, User:Bacon Blitz, User:Cutepogiamhermosa, and User:Super Revenger 98, are said to use a same IP, which means they can be a same person or relatives. As to Don, he get blocked for other reason. As to the other four, it seems like they abandoned this wiki.

In short, all admins leave Minionpedia and I'm going to wait to see if the Staff agree to let me do it or not. And, it would be better to see more people notice this fanon wiki, seeing so many people love minions......

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